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The cost of quoting for building work in Belfast

Friday, January 30th, 2015

One of the most important factors to getting work done is the costs involved. Everyone concerned wants to know how much it will finally cost before the work begins.
Estimating and quoting for the costs of one of my Belfast building projects can get very daunting. Get the price too high and I run the risk of loosing a potential client. Get the price too low and I risk loosing my business.
The saying “the devil’s in the detail” is very real when it comes to including all the materials and time required to build a bathroom, extend a kitchen or remove a wall. So ensuring to list all materials needed and not just the large items and detailing information on each part of a project is crucial to getting an accurate figure to work from.
Too often, a builder will find himself in the middle of a job having to buy materials not included in the initial quote or spending time on something which should have been allowed for in a typical project, but was missed in the early pricing of the project. Unfortunately, by not spending enough time on the initial “working out” of the quotation, these items are not accounted for when it comes to actually doing the job. This results in the familiar “increase in original quote” scenario or worse, the builder chooses to leave something out or use cheaper materials elsewhere on the project.
I believe that the agreed quotation price should be the price paid. Listing out all the details of work to be done and materials quoted for helps me see whats included and more importantly whats not included in the quotation.
My Belfast clients can see this too when they receive a work schedule and materials list I provide with each quote. Heres a sample quotation from a Bathroom refurbishment in Belfast.
My advise to anyone getting a quotation for building work is to get the builder to itemise and detail everything included. Then be certain that whats included is everything you need. Don’t just assume it will get done when your project starts. Sometimes, these forgotten items get classed as “extras” and can ultimately result in having to pay extra.