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Horses for courses

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Getting the proper trade for the right job is extremely important.
A skilled and proficient electrician has usually gained his talent and experience in this one area. Ask him to fit a bathroom tap or build some shelves and he is more than likely going to make a poor job of it.
A well meaning plumber attempts to add joinery to his skills repetoir…….with dismal results.
The same can be said for most tradespeople. Mastering one building trade will take many years. For some individuals, it can take a lifetime…. or longer!
I often come across this issue when in his wisdom, a tradesman decides to temporarily branch into another trade.
A painter attempts some joinery, an electrician does a little tiling or like this recent example I stumbled upon, a plumber attempting some joinery/carpentry.In short, my advise is to check any tradesmans’ credentials before allowing him to go anywhere near your building or repair job. I know my guys would be pleased and proud to let you see their qualifications and references.!!