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Repairing dents in Hardwood floors

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Having been blessed with three fashion conscious teenage girls, I have the task of repairing the dents on our hardwood floor made by thier stilletto style heels which seem to have made a return in Belfast at the moment.Heres how to repair the dents.

The Theory
When wood is dented, the cell walls of the wood fibers become crushed and deformed. By mimicking the same process that causes doors and drawers to swell and stick in the humid summer, one can coax the deflated cell walls of the wood surface to rise again.
Wet cloth
Use a clean wet cloth to apply moisture to the dent. Use distilled water to prevent a mineral stain on the floor. If the floor is sealed with a protective finish, you may need to poke small holes with a needle in the bottom of the dent.
Apply heat with the tip of a hot clothes iron or clean soldering iron. Do not touch the heat source directly to the wood. Use the wet cloth between your heat source and the wood. This should swell the wood fibers and pop the dent out.
Apply wood filler if the dent is still there. Use pre-coloured fast setting wood filler that closely matches the floor colour. Wipe any excess filler off the surrounding floor with a clean cloth.
Touch Up
Touch up the finish with a coat of polyurethane. Use an artist’s brush to apply finish to only the dented area.