The trades used on your loft conversion

Bringing the best people onto your job for you

Roofing Work

With Ray at the helm of your loft conversion project, you are guaranteed he's always on top of things! A time-served building expert, he ensures the exterior roof work will effortlessly blend with your existing roof tiles or slates. From additional velux windows and creating dormer roof extensions to altering the pitch of your roof, he has the ability to utilise every inch of space needed to create you the perfect shape to make the most at the top of your home. Attractive, complimentary exteriors with beautiful, large interiors for you to enjoy your new views from above.

Joinery and carpentry

Complex angles, tight and awkward spaces are the typical working environment for our specialist timber team. Building walls and strengthening floor joists to fabricating staircases, our joiners form the space into your attic for you to live in. Skirting, windows, doors and floors are expertly fixed and fitted by this bunch of quality time served craftsmen taking an "old fashioned" pride in all they produce. It's worth the effort, after all, we only have to build it once… have to live with it forever!

Plumbing & heating

Best left to the experts! and that's exactly what we do. It's likely your existing attic space will contain some water storage tanks, piping and waste outlets. You will need to replace these with new pipe work, radiators, and possibly even an ensuite shower (or two!). The plumbers we use are Corgi registered professionals; they've been around a while, fully experienced to make these changes and much more.

Lighting & electrical.

NICIAC approved and highly qualified individuals ensure the electrical outlets, smoke detection system and lighting is installed to the latest safety specifications. You choose your socket, switch(es) and lighting positions; our "sparks" make sure it's all fitted to current regulations. We can also include wifi hotspots, media networks and CCTV to "future-proof" your new living space.

The Finishes

It's taken a while to find the best people, but our plasterers and decorators were definitely worth the wait. They will bring your new walls to a smooth and flawless finish in a colour of your choice. Once your loft conversion is completed, you are left with nothing more offensive than the excitement and pleasure of furnishing your new room without having to cover anything up.

Other trades

We only work with bonafide professionals and previously proven individuals who are dedicated to their unique skill set. So for example, if your project requires some tiling; we use a tiler, if it requires welding; a proper welder is used. We find this always produces the best results. Over the years we have managed to keep in use a broad range of trade professionals and experts to help us when required. Our customers expect the best and that's what comes from having the right people when needed on your necessary project.