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An introduction to Ray Hesketh, Loft conversion specialist from Belfast in Northern IrelandOffering help and advice about design and planning permissionsBuilding contract

Getting your loft conversion right from the beginning

From your initial design through to brushing on the final coat of paint, Ray's crew have succeeded in creating the finest loft conversion package here in Belfast, Northern Ireland... delivering you a genuine quality service.

An introduction

This bespoke building service begins with an informal visit to your home by Ray to take measurements, assess the feasibility of your conversion, provide you with information on design options available and estimate the likely costs involved. At this point, you may discuss the requirements for you new loft; number of rooms you need, window styles, storage needs, additional bathroom facilities and any other general queries. From this initial meeting, an outline of work to be done, preliminary drawings and an estimate will be provided free of charge for your approval.

Design, planning and permissions

If you liked our ideas, have checked our references, feel comfortable with the estimates and have now decided to progress with us, we can then take your project through the planning and approval stages necessary for loft conversions. Detailed plans are drawn by our architect and submitted on your behalf to the relevant Northern Ireland planning authority. Applications to building control may also be made at this stage, however we generally leave this step until planning permission for your proposed conversion has been approved. This last stage ensures that fire-regulations, insulation, structure and building regulations can be certified as meeting all necessary standards. Any structural work (steel beams etc.) needed for the project would be designed and validated by our structural engineer.

Bringing it all together

Once we have all the designs for your loft conversion approved, relevant permissions granted and local building control given notice, we are ready to start building for you. By this stage, we will know the full extent what is going to be needed to create your conversion, you will have specified finishes, finalised your design including details such as lighting, door & window styles, radiators, storage and any other preferences. We will make a full list of these specifications and based on the estimates we initially provided, will furnish you with a final quotation your project along with a schedule of work for completing it.

A contract to suit you

To ensure work runs smoothly, that you get the loft conversion you expect, at the price you agreed and on schedule; agreement to commence is made through a building contract. This document is supplied to us by "The Joint Contracts Tribunal" (JCT) and is designed for home owners nationwide. It includes terms & conditions, duties, timing and a breakdown of staged payments. (See a sample of this contract below) We trust you will find this a simple, clear and fair contract that we are happy to follow.