Loft Conversion & Extension, Belfast.

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Buildingrooms were fantastic throughout the build; ensuring top tradesmen were on board along the way. We highly recommend the Buildingrooms team.

Gary & Jill, Belfast
Gary & Jill Monteith, Finaghy, Belfast

We would have no hesitation in recommending Buildingrooms to other customers in Belfast wanting to get a loft conversion, as we know the job will be done properly, and if we in the future ever need similar work done, we will certainly be giving Buildingrooms a call

David & Claire Monteith, Belfast
David & Claire's Loft Conversion in Belfast

About our attic conversion references

Perhaps, of all the types of building work we undertake,  a loft conversion is technically one of the most complex & challenging to get right. There are many factors to consider in the design: fire safety, ventilation, insulation structural design and integrity to name but a few. However, to fully convert from 2 storey to a 3 storey house and comply with all current building regulations, its necessary  to upgrade already existing rooms, either by way of  improving fire safety, or by new layouts caused by a  new staircase or landing.

Sometimes, on these loft conversion projects, it seems like every room in the house has to have at least some kind minor building modification to enable the new room(s) "on the roof" comply to local building codes. This is why its really important to get a specialist in this field and more important to be able to trust that the builders will get this right for you and leave any effected rooms as good as they found them (or better!).

I hope that by reading above references, you will see that we have taken care of all the typical intrusions a modern loft conversion would cause to our clients and I hope that the photos on each of the references show that we genuinely  specialise in creating great new living space from your existing roof space.  Our Clients seem to think so!